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Our pledge and commitment to our neighborhood and community.

what we are doing

to help our community

  • Feeding the Hungry​

    • Donating eligible food supplies to charities, shelters, food drives, and the community
    • Sweet Basil gives away free entrees to families in need. If you or someone you know is in need of a hot meal, please email our program manager, Victoria, at ​

  • Quarterly Donations to Causes & Charities​

    • Sweet Basil has donated to many charitable organizations since we've opened including the Milwaukee Rescue Mission, Hunger Task Force, and more. 

    • We will continue to donate a portion of our sales to local charities and organizations as long as we can sustain it. 

    • Donations to community fundraisers and local events

  • Locally Sourced Ingredients​

    • Whenever possible, we will choose locally sourced produce​, meats, and ingredients to support local vendors and reduce our carbon footprint. 

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Sweet Basil's Susainability Plan
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what we are doing

to help the planet

  • Eco-Friendly Disposables: At this moment, 91% of all our takeout containers and materials are either compostable, biodegradable or recyclable, including:

    • Our utensils

    • Sauce cups

    • Kraft takeout boxes

    • Clamshells

    • Banana leaves that line our containers

    • Bamboo chopsticks

    • Platter trays and lids

    • Soup containers

    • Napkins

    • Paper bags

    • Drink cups

  • Improve Our Energy Efficiency

    • Installation and utilization of a programmable thermostat

    • Start-up and shut-down schedules for equipment to reduce the energy drain of kitchen equipment

  • Greener Routine

    • Promoting reusable water bottles within our team and staff, eliminating the need for single-use water bottles​

    • Sweet Basil will also run seasonal monthly specials created using ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. We always have a little extra herbs, veggies and meat after prepping each week so these specials are our creative ways to use up the rest of those ingredients while they are fresh while reducing food waste!

    • Promoting eco-friendly and sustainable practices in our every day operations and lives including composting, recycling, carpooling, utilizing reusable shopping bags or boxes for groceries, and more!

what customers can do
to help

Help us reduce waste and conserve resources by:

Skipping the plastic utensils

When ordering take-out, you can skip the plastic utensils and opt to use your utensils at home is an easy way to reduce waste!


It also elevates your takeout experience by recreating a dining experience at home.

Letting us know preferences

If you don't like onions or aren't the biggest fan of bean sprouts, let us know when you order! We can leave out certain ingredients, that way - you can enjoy your meal without having to pick through it and we reduce wasted food!

Trying our monthly specials

Check out our monthly specials and give them a try!


These are dishes that we run for a limited time and created to use up extra ingredients while they are still fresh as part of our initiative to reduce food waste.  

Stay up to date on the programs we participate in so you can support. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop. 


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