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Career opportunities



All positions are filled at the moment. Please check back, we will update as positions change. 


  • Mentoring - Our team of owners and managers are available to help with mentorship. Whether you are looking to learn new skills, build your resume, become a future business owner yourself, or have an entrepreneurial spirit, we can help with your goals.

  • Flexibility - Since we are a small, family-owned business - you become a part of the family when you join us. Thus, we are always flexible when it comes to scheduling hours and days off.

  • Free Meals - 1 free meal per shift

  • Holiday Bonuses - End of year bonuses are available

  • Travel - Sweet Basil hosts family & employee trips and outings multiple times a year. You will have the option to take part in these events. 

  • Room to Move Up or Grow - There's always room to move up or grow into other positions, we are even willing to create new positions if there is a need for it

  • Other Employer-Sponsored Benefits: Skills classes and certifications, ergonomic work shoes, work uniform, reusable water bottles, masks, job supplies are all covered.  

  • Retirement Account - Traditional or Roth account set up!


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