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have trouble getting through?

We have time slots for all orders. The time slots are there so that we can accommodate an order every 3-5 minutes, from open to close. Lately, our time slots have been filling up as early as 6pm. If you are looking to improve your chances of getting an order at your desired time, we recommend placing your order online and in advance around 2-3pm. If placing your order by phone, call around 3pm. We have 2 phone lines and they may be tied up as we assist customers. If you cannot get through, please just wait 5 minutes and try again. We will try to accommodate as many orders as possible. Once all time slots are taken, we are unable to take anymore orders for that day. 

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support of a small family-owned business! 

let us make it right

Contact us immediately if you have any concerns or problems with your order. Letting us know right away allows us to improve your experience and make it right for you. We can also use the direct feedback to improve our operations. We don't want you to feel like you can't tell us what happened. We are more than happy to fix your order and listen to you! 

Chef Making Flambe

Likewise, if you would prefer to have a dish customized - let us know! You can indicate if you would like a dish spicy; we use a 0 through 5 spice level, 5 being the spiciest. If you'd like to swap out onions for broccoli or if you'd just prefer to take the onions out, we would be glad to accommodate.


This helps reduce food waste and lets you enjoy your meal without picking through what you don't like! 

- The Sweet Basil Family

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