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Sweet Basil is family-owned and operated. And our philosophy is simple: Make everything from scratch and treat everyone like family.




We're serving up Thai & Laotian street eats reminiscent of the night markets in Thailand and we're doing things our way. The way we would serve these dishes in our kitchen at home. 


Sweet Basil offers a premium quick-casual experience for a Thai and Lao restaurant in Milwaukee. The menu is filled with Asian street foods, fresh Thai entrees, Lao dishes, and delicious Asian-Midwest fusion desserts along with vegan and gluten-free options for dine-in or carry-out.


If you're looking for food cooked from the heart, you've found the right place!



 Our family believes in fostering friendships in our neighborhoods. We're about leveraging profits to help people, giving back to our community, and feeding those who are in need of a hot meal.


Our grandparents and parents immigrated to the US, with limited English and used food to bridge connections with their neighbors, coworkers, and anyone who needed it. We're carrying Grandpa's legacy through our hospitality and Grandma's recipes through our menu. We're doing things our way, as an homage to our grandparents, and invite you to join our family on this culinary journey. 

Click here to meet the family.

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